Display & Filters ⭐️

Labels and Filters is a premium feature. Only organisations that purchased the Business license have access to these features.

Labels and Filters


The options below are available for each object.

Record Label

Pick a field that will replace the label of the record (within the cell).

Pick a field that will be shown on the link between the parent record and the record itself.

Custom Icon

Pick a field to replace the icon and background color by a custom image.

This field must return a valid URL


Pick a field to only show the records when value is true

This field must be of type checkbox (or formula checkbox)

Custom Color

Pick a field to replace the background color.

This field must return a Hex color code

Order By

Pick a field to order the records in ascending order depending on the field value.


Formula fields

Don't hesitate to use formula fields to make your diagram dynamic (colors, icons, filters etc).

Return line

Use "\n" in your formula fields to force record labels to add a new line