Upcoming Features

Order By Delivered

Be able to order records by a specific field

Junction Objects Delivered

Be able to use the child relationships and the fields of the master records from a junction object.

Import/Export config Delivered

Simplify deployments between orgs with a way to export and importing configs

Custom shapes Medium Priority

Add an option to change the shape of a record like a triangle, ellipse etc.

Filter records outside of settings Medium Priority

Allow the user (non Structur admin) to filter records directly from the graph and not only from the settings

More standard objects Partially Delivered

Support more standard objects

Auto refresh Partially Delivered

Refresh diagram when aura event "refreshView" is called

Show totals Medium Priority

When adding a number or currency to a link label, show the total of child records

Export diagrams as images Medium Priority

Add a "Print" button to export diagrams as images