Structur is not showing

They are several reasons why Structur might not show:

  • No Structur license assigned to the running user
  • Structur licenses expired
  • No Structur permission set not assigned to the runnin user

Why non admin users see the 'setup' button?

As a System Administrator, open their user record in the setup. Check that they don't have any Structur custom permission assigned to them. Structur custom permissions should not be assigned manually but via the permission sets "Structur Admin" or "Structur User".

What if I use premium features during the trial but I buy a limited license?

The moment Structur becomes active with a limited license, all premium features are disabled.

When adding an object it does not appear on the graph

Make sure you have access to this object. Structur only shows the objects and records the user has access to.